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Java non validating dom parser

Application output will look like below snap: package com.g2.

If, however, the instructor adopts such a grading policy that the students who got 90 points or more, are assigned A's and the others are assigned B's, then probably he'd better use a SAX parser.

a) Construction of DOM tree b) Traversing the DOM tree It does a Depth First Pre Order Traversal , for more on tree traversal techniques see here As it goes through each node it prints it contents.

This snippet explains how to handle the element Node parses a XML document and prints it on the console.

Its going to be pretty cool once its done because you can even configure third party modules with it.

Anyways I thought I'd post some a simple example of parsing and modifying XML with java: Suppose you have the following XML document: Node earth = First Child(); Named Node Map earth Attributes = Attributes(); Attr galaxy = doc.create Attribute("galaxy"); Value("milky way"); earth Named Item(galaxy); Transformer transformer = Transformer Instance()Transformer(); Output Property(Output Keys.

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For example, a DOMParser is rich in functionality (because it creates a DOM tree in memory and allows you to access any part of the document repeatedly and allows you to modify the DOM tree), but it is space inefficient when the document is huge, and it takes a little bit long to learn how to work with it.

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